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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 28 - Atom Bauerstein and Hank's Brother

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we force ourselves to talk about climate change, an enormously important topic that, curiously, we don’t spend an enormous of time talking about in real life, other than, of course, the haven of this podcast. On today’s (12/14/20) episode, host Hank Felsman welcomes Atom Bauerstein onto the program, with spot appearances from Hank’s Brother (between bites of pizza) in a sidekick role, to discuss climate change, the coronavirus, and unrelated topics, including:

6:15 – How Atom thinks about climate change in his day-to-day life

13:50 – Waste management in the live entertainment business, featuring brief digressions into the subjects of grand pianos and - name-drop alert - Senator Cory Booker

18:00 – The last time Hank, his brother, and Atom were together in person, in early March 2020, two weeks before the bars closed

22:40 – Summer 2021 predictions, including the difference between bringing back live sports and live music festivals

30:45 – Getting tested for COVID-19

34:25 – Segment: Talk About It, featuring New Jersey, climate change, aliens, and more

47:25 – The first time hearing about climate change, featuring An Inconvenient Truth and South Park

52:00 – Atom hijacks host duties and interviews Hank about climate change, the Green New Deal, and more

1:05:10 – More climate change

1:15:00 – Music break, or a break to talk about music

1:09:00 – A failed segment about entertainment that should have been cut for time

1:24:30 – Segment: Guess that Weezer Song, feat. Atom Bauerstein, ex-bassist of Lame Duck Demolition and, more relevant to this segment, of the Weezer cover band Ace

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:





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