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Block Radius was formed by a collective of urban planners during the fourth hour of a conversation that began with the question of whether or not machines were alive, given that the greatest argument against machines being alive – that they do not have brains or hearts – is a moot point, since trees don't have a mind or a heart, either. At least, not in the conventional, human sense of the word. Anyway, this esteemed publication was formed by a group of city planners who tend to begin talking about cities and dive off down various dialectic rabbit holes – a point of behavior that is completely natural in the sense that there is really no such thing as cities in general, anyway, since cities as a plurality exist only in the abstract, and even individual cities are ill-defined by ambiguous boundaries. Indeed, where the city begins and ends is always subjective, a mystery for all of us, seeking answers beneath the headlines on BlockRadius, to contemplate for fun. 

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