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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 25 - Uncle David

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we talk through our worries about climate change, the great problem of our age, as a form of therapy for both podcast host and guest. On today’s (10/27/20) episode, host Hank Felsman welcomes his Uncle David, a writer-actor-green thumb-black belt and full-time uncle onto the program, to discuss climate change and unrelated topics, including:

5:00 – How Uncle David talks about climate change in his daily life in the Hudson Valley, featuring ash trees, ticks, geese, water chestnuts, and more

12:45 – New York City-inspired climate change musings

21:00 – Moby-Dick

30:00 – Seeing bears and bald eagles in his backyard

33:00 – Segment: Climate Change Fact & React, featuring crab-eating macaques, literacy rates, and more

40:00 – Chopping wood and carrying water, as a climate change “therapy”

48:45 - Plants

58:00 – The most beautiful things seen in nature

1:01:00 – Segment: Rapid-Fire One-Word Reactions

1:03:00 – Writing vs. acting

1:14:30 – Linking art to climate change

1:25:25 – Uncle David’s top travel destination, post-COVID vaccine

1:28:30 – Hank shares a disturbing dream he had last night and solicits an interpretation

1:33:45 – 1970s nostalgia

1:38:00 – The moon landing, Vietnam, and the Cuban missile crisis

1:40:45 – Grandpa’s time in the army during WWII

1:44:30 – The record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season

1:48:45 – How this story ends

1:52:15 – Tips for being a better listener

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:





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