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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 23 - Danny Santa

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we once forced ourselves to talk exclusively about climate change, but have since pivoted to worrying mostly about the coronavirus. On today’s (5/21/20) episode, Hank welcomes the New York City psychiatrist (turned COVID-19 front-line hospital worker) Danny Santa on to the program, to discuss climate change, the coronavirus, and unrelated topics, including:

2:45 - Danny’s experience working in a New York City hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

26:40 - How Danny used to think about climate change, before the pandemic, and how he thinks about climate change now

36:00 - Eco-anxiety and “rethinking hope” (Recommended reading:

49:00 - Comparing the intelligence of humans today with the intelligence of humans centuries ago

52:15 - Spirituality/religion and climate change

1:00:00 - “The Last Dance”

1:05:45 - Leisure in NYC during the quarantine, including walking through Central Park, running by the river, and biting the bullet to go visit one’s parents

1:09:45 - Segment: Which came first? Feat. Which came first: the circle or the sun? And: Which came first: the use of wood for fire or for shelter?

1:17:35 - Final thoughts, how we can combat COVID, treatments, testing, predictions for the reopening of restaurants, and predictions for the development of a vaccine (i.e. hope)

Listen here or in the player below:




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