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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 21 - A Cooke, Z Nalywayko & M Danny Lynn - SPECIAL EDITION: New Log

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy with Hank Felsman, the podcast where we used to talk about climate change, but for weeks now have been unable to talk about anything but the coronavirus. Until today! Today, we talk about something else, something very special. Indeed, on today's episode (4/1/20), we reveal the results of the highly competitive BlockRadius New Logo Design Contest (BRNLDC)! And there's one more treat for you. Not only do we reveal the results, but we also do so joined remotely by none other than the top two BRNLDC finalists themselves: the Philly-renowned urban planner & designer Z Nalywayko and the fabled NYC starchitect A Cooke. Just like you, they too will be hearing the results for the first time. Topics include:

4:00 - Contestant introductions, feat. A Cooke, Z Nalywayko, and Z's personal PR person, his girlfriend M Danny Lynn

7:45 - A Cooke and Z Nalywayko discuss their final designs and their design process

16:45 - Voter pseudonyms

23:20 - Reactions to the results!

49:50 - The coronavirus

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:




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