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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 19 - Miranda de las Calles

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we force ourselves to talk about climate change, if only to make sure we make time regularly to talk about the most important long-term threat we face as a species, despite how busy our lives seem in the short-term. On today’s (3/10/20) episode, host Hank Felsman sits down with the educator, artist, and anarchist Miranda de las Calles to discuss climate change, the coronavirus, and unrelated topics, including:

2:30 - The effects of the coronavirus on Miranda’s work in Philadelphia public schools

7:40 - How Miranda came to be an anarchist

16:30 - The seminal anarchist climate change text: “Desert” by Anonymous

25:40 - Gold mining and authoritarianism in Nicaragua

31:50 - The key environmental philosophical question: Would you rather live in a high-tech highly-automated society, or as a member of a small band or tribe in the natural world?

36:00 - The compatibility (or lack thereof) of anarchy and capitalism

48:15 - Population, poverty, and progress

51:00 - Climate change and the Global South

56:45 - The coronavirus, revisited

1:04:00 - The Green New Deal’s strategy to address climate change and unrelated topics all at once vs. a strategy that more directly mirrors the known climate change-specific solutions out there, such as the 100 climate change solutions laid out in Project Drawdown

1:15:30 - Segment: Counting down and reacting to the top 10 climate change solutions (according to Project Drawdown)

1:38:30 - Refrigerators and air conditioners

1:47:30 - Segment: Radical ideas! Do you support them? Feat. limiting the number of refrigerators to one per household, and much, much more

2:09:00 - Elon Musk

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:




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