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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 14 - Myles Owings

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we set out to talk about nothing else but the upsetting yet urgently important topic of climate change, for as long as we can, to find comfort and solidarity in the climate existentialism we share with our friends and colleagues. On today’s (12/23/19) episode, host Hank Felsman welcomes environmental urban planner Myles Owings onto the program, to discuss climate change, urban planning, and other unrelated topics, including:

8:40 - Climate change impacts on Philadelphia, including the effects of extreme heat and sea level rise

21:00 - The lack of windmills in Philadelphia and the potential of offshore wind

23:40 - Nuclear power, unfiltered

40:00 - Segment: Climate Change Fact & React, featuring how the phenomenon of animal extinction was not discovered until 1796

45:50 - Climate change psychology and humanity’s tendency to procrastinate even what we know to be the most important thing

51:30 - Personal responsibility as it relates to climate change, when our behaviors as individuals have such a minimal impact

55:00 - The responsibilities of municipalities and the differences between climate mitigation, resiliency, and adaptation

1:02:00 - Myles’s time as a firefighter for the Forest Service in California in the late 2000s

1:08:45 - Climate change threats to the island of Fiji, where Myles once lived and served as a member of the Peace Corps

1:17:15 - Fijian culture, including the importance of family and community, and the influence of Indian culture

1:27:00 - The need to change and adapt vs. the need to save and preserve

1:45:00 - Segment: Climate Change Fact & React, featuring the first mammal to become extinct due directly climate change, by way of sea level rise: the Bramble Cay melomys, a rodent that once existed on a small island off the coast of Australia, until its extinction in 2019

1:51:30 - Myles ends the show on a positive note by describing the first time he saw a redwood tree

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:




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