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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 12 - Maureen McQueen and JJ Joy

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we confront our eco-anxiety head-on and talk about the upsetting topic of climate change for as long as we can, or until we feel better about it, because just as any good therapist will tell you, if something upsets you, try talking about it! On today’s (11/18/19) episode, host Hank Felsman welcomes urban planners Maureen McQueen and JJ Joy onto the program, to discuss climate change, urban planning, and other unrelated topics, including:

6:20 - Talking about climate change with co-workers and friends

9:10 - Buying an apartment in a waterfront city amid sea level rise concerns

12:40 - Venice

14:00 - Hank owns up to a mistake made on the last podcast

15:00 - A little segment called Climate Change Fact & React! (Pt. 1)

16:45 - Consumer guilt and the redemptive possibilities of recycling

22:30 - Climate Change Fact & React! (Pt. 2) and the redemptive possibilities of composting

23:45 - Planes, boats, and hyperloops

28:30 - A little segment during which we worry about unintended consequences of perceived normative outcomes, such as universal millionairehood

33:50 - Climate Change Fact & React! (Pt. 3)

35:00 - Immortality and Jane Fonda

39:00 - The effect of climate change on the desire to have (or not have) kids

43:00 - More worrying about unintended consequences of perceived normative outcomes! What if global warming suddenly stopped happening? (Spoiler: environmental degradation will continue)

52:30 - Visits to Berlin, the NYC & Philly transit museums, and Dresden

1:00:00 - Climate Change Fact & React! (Pts. 4 & 5)

1:01:30 - Moments of great profundity during which one’s heart fills with gratitude for the human experience and all that is beautiful and loving and even fleeting in the world, as a positive side-effect of eco-anxiety (Alternate title for this segment: “Dogs”)

1:09:30 - Our favorite animals: revealed!

1:13:30 - Tap water, bottled tap water, and gift certificates

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:




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