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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 10 - Z Nalywayko

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where practice talking about climate change, because climate change is an important topic we could all use a little bit more practice talking about. On today’s (10/1/19) episode, host Hank Felsman welcomes the renowned urban philosopher (and fellow BlockRadius co-founder) Z Nalywayko onto the program, to discuss urban planning and other unrelated topics, including:

3:45 - How we are talking about climate change since we last talked about climate change

9:15 - Climate change ”Fact Reaction”: tropical forest species go extinct at an average of 137 species per day

13:45 - The ballad of the spotted owl, a conversation about what is worth saving

19:00 - Climate change “Fact Reaction”: how many trees are cut down for toilet paper every day? How many newspapers?

21:00 - Apocalyptic scenarios, as depicted in popular entertainment and in our nightmares

28:00 - Robert Ball joins the program, and a debate ensues about what is more likely to withstand the apocalypse: our water/sewer system, or the internet?

37:40 - Hank reads Greta Thunberg’s address at the United Nations Climate Action Summit on 9/23/19

44:30 - Climate justice and the Green New Deal

52:30 - The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

1:05:20 - Z’s trip to the Redwood Forest last month

1:09:10 - Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Lil Wayne

1:18:10 - Robert Ball’s book recommendation of the day, The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:




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