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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 9 - Lars Mikelson

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we address the elephant in the room of our time: climate change, a subject that is almost impossible to bring up with your friends and still have your friends like you, and yet a subject that is vital to talk about amongst friends, because only by having conversations amongst one another can the collective conservation advance. On today's episode (6/16/19), Hank welcomes the transportation guru and energy policy wonk Lars Mikelson onto the show to discuss all things climate change and unrelated topics, including:

7:00 – an unofficial update from a source inside the New York City transportation planning scene (Lars himself) on the status of the L train reconstruction

10:00 – a similar kind of update on the status of NYC’s new congestion pricing scheme

14:55 – the ethical dilemma of flying

22:10 – Hank’s long-winded justification for why he flies, including whataboutism and the fact that there will always be “CO2 emissions” as long as humans exist and are exhaling

28:55 – the need for a massive electrified high speed rail network, and of course, ideas to create this

39:10 – the future of air travel, featuring Lars expertly shooting down Hank’s worst ideas

46:10 – Lars answers Hank’s “Essential Dilemma of Existence”

52:00 – projecting the cities with hottest real estate markets in 2050

1:00:30 – Lars plugs his new HBO show, Chernobyl

1:06:00 – flying over Beijing and Miami

1:09:25 – a new idea for a perpetual motion machine that uses human labor (*creates jobs*) to complete the loop

1:16:45 – cruise ships and tourism

Listen here (mobile) or in the player below:




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