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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 8 - J. Mar

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we inhale burnt coffee and make ourselves talk about climate change, an important yet taboo topic that we are all weary of bringing up in the company of friends, on account of it being a major bummer. All the more reason to talk about it here, to keep the conversation going, as it would be our duty in simpler times to keep the fire going overnight, even in the rain. On today's episode (3/9/19), Hank welcomes the Philly-based “ideas man” J. Mar to the show to discuss all things climate change and unrelated topics, including:

3:00 – The same topic with which we begin every show: how to talk about climate change among friends

4:25 – The end of recycling in Philadelphia

12:30 – How 15% of all people to have ever lived are living right now

16:20 – What it means to say we live in a simulation

18:50 – Life after death and Hank rambling on about fractals

20:30 – Growing up in South Orange, NJ

23:50 – The oldest trees alive, including how we destroyed a 3,500-year-old tree in 2012, and the beginnings of a debate about whether or not trees have feelings that never quite gets off the ground

27:30 – Philadelphia real estate, though no secrets are revealed

35:15 – Ideas to improve the Philadelphia public school system, including paying teachers like doctors and project-based learning

43:30 – How 40% of the food we produce is wasted, how 25% of the fresh water we use is used to produce food that we eventually waste, and the counterintuitive impact of refrigerators in enabling food waste

46:25 – The continuation of a longstanding disagreement about driverless cars, which is revealed to be fundamentally a debate about humans vs. robots

1:02:20 – Thanking our sponsors Selfie-Pro and Rolling Cases

1:04:00 – J. Mar’s impromptu solo trip to Puerto Rico and walking 26 miles in one day

1:15:15 – Windmill urbanism and perpetual motion machines

1:21:30 – How half the world’s carbon emissions have occurred since Hank and J. Mar have known each other

Listen here (mobile), or in the player below:




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