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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 6 - Gabe Gordon

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we practice the art of bringing up climate change in casual conversation with our friends. Not because it's fun, like ice cream, but because it's tough, like mutton, and will make us all stronger, and one day, more enlightened. On today's episode (2/2/19), Hank welcomes the young philosopher Gabe Gordon onto the program to open up about his struggles with climate change and his experience as a nascent climate activist, including:

5:00 - Gabe’s shocking revelation that he does indeed talk about climate change with his friends

10:30 - Participating in the Extinction Rebellion climate change protest last week

20:00 - The Green New Deal, the carbon tax, and how these policies complement or conflict with one another, as explained by two non-experts trying to make sense of the world

50:00 - How we wind down from high intensity thinking and heavy conversations

53:00 - The first ever edition of“Make an Analogy”

59:00 - Analog synthesizers and how to play the guitar

1:16:35 - A forced return to the subject of climate change

1:23:00 - A mysterious package that arrives while live-on-air and the creepy convenience of Amazon

1:26:50 - Where the idea of changing our lifestyle behaviors fits in the context of climate change policy solutions

1:37:00 - Fractals and chaos theory

Listen here (mobile), or in the player below:




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