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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 5 - Robert Ball

Welcome back to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we all get geeked up on black coffee and perfect the art of talking about climate change casually among friends. On today's episode (1/19/19), podcast host Hank Felsman welcomes the renowned architecture and urban planning student Robert Ball onto the program to open up about his struggles with climate change, including:

9:00 – Comparing how we talk about climate change with how we talk about the Trump-Russia investigation

14:45 – Another debate about capitalism, climate change, correlation, and causation

26:00 – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Malcolm X, moving the needle, and anchoring a negotiation

31:30 – Populism and polarization

34:30 – The two separate Women’s Marches occurring today

45:30 – A new bit called “Climate Change Ethics,” where Hank asks Robbie if politicians in favor of green policies should start flying commercial to shut up people like Tucker Carlson

57:15 – Border walls and open borders, beginning with a quote from a 1913 book about Austrian nationalism

1:14:15 – The possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

1:18:30 – Noam Chomsky’s castigation of “the reasonable Republican” John Kasich’s climate change ethics

1:25:45 – Brexit, China, and the tenuous standing of liberal democracy

1:31:15 – Robbie’s trip to Sweden

1:38:00 – Last but not least: space elevators

Listen here (mobile), or in the player below:




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