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Climate Change Therapy - Ep. 1 - Fix and A Cooke

Welcome to Climate Change Therapy, the podcast where we check our machismo at the door and discuss climate change with a vulnerability that you just won't ever see in social situations. On today's inaugural episode, an urban planning consultant (Fix) and architecture student (A. Cooke) open up to BlockRadius contributor Hank Felsman about climate change, including:

8:15 - The moral, economic, and hedonistic implications of climate change

10:00 - The bummer of climate change

16:20 - What we can do as planners and architects about climate change

18:30 - Wood making a comeback as a building material

25:50 - Seton Hall's upset victory over Kentucky

28:30 - Timbuktu, Mali and the current effects of climate change

31:00 - The permanence of cities and shortsightedness of development

40:00 - Speculative realism and a call-in from a dual degree planner+architect

44:30 - Suitcases on wheels

46:50 - The fate of humanity vs. the fate of the earth

Listen here (mobile), or in the player below:




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